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Circle Connections

Now you can do even more with your Circle. Circle Connections enables your family to connect your favorite devices, apps and services to do things like reward screen time for chores, disable distracting apps while driving, and even ask Alexa questions about your Circle.

Chores Detail


Reward your kids for a job well done.

Make managing your family’s chores fun. Give screen time rewards when chores are completed with the Chores Connection.

Learn more about Chores Connection

Compatible Apps:

  • MothershpMothershp
  • ChoremonsterChoremonster
  • LandraLandra
Activity Detail


“Move more” meets “surf more.”

Connect how physically active your kids are with how much screen time they get using Circle’s Activity Connection.

Activity Connection: Coming Soon

Compatible Apps:

  • MisFitMisFit
  • Apple HealthApple Health
Social Detail


Be “in the know” - when it matters.

Extend your ability to manage how your teens engage with popular social media apps. Connect RAKKOON to get a heads-up when your kids send or receive questionable content.

Social Connection: Coming Soon

Compatible Apps:

Automation Detail


Unlock the possibilities.

Tap into the world of connected apps on IFTTT to enable your Circle to do things we’ve never thought of.

Automation Connection: Coming Soon

Compatible Apps:

Driving Detail


Driving: now safer with Circle.

Enable safer driving for your teen by automatically disabling distracting apps while they drive.

Driving Connection: Coming Soon

Compatible Apps:

  • AutomaticAutomatic
Assistant Detail


Alexa, meet Circle.

The most powerful voice assistant in the world will now answer your questions about how much time your kids spend online … and lots more!

Assistant Connection: Coming Soon

Compatible Apps:

  • Amazon AlexaAlexa

Have an app you think Circle should connect to?

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