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Time Limits — Circle with Disney

Set Time Limits

Screen time is very important to kids and for parents who manage it. Time Limits offers the ability to limit daily screen time for platforms, apps, and categories, painlessly.

Track time across devices.

Whether it’s on a tablet or a smartphone, Circle keeps track of how long your kids spend online whenever a time limit is set. Circle will add up the time between each device so that 1 hour actually means 1 hour!

Track time across devices with Circle

Popular apps and platforms.

Circle puts popular platforms and apps front and center for setting time limits. Whether your kids visit the Facebook app or on the web, all activity counts as “Facebook” time.

Circle — Popular apps and platforms

And categories too!

Games. Social Media. Blogs. Whatever your family is into, Circle lets you set a time limit for entire categories.

Circle — Set time limits for categories

Keep up with notifications.

Receive notifications when a time limit is reached on a particular app or category.

Circle — Keep up with notifications

Kids can keep track.

Circle also enables kids to be able to view their time limits via MyCircle so they always know how much time they have left.

With MyCircle kids can keep track

Get Circle today. What are you waiting for :)

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