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Filter — Circle with Disney

Filter Content

Set individual filter levels for each family member that matches their age and interests. Do it once and it will apply to every one of their devices.

Circle — Filter levels

Easy age presets.

Circle offers parents the option of 4 general filter age levels. These filters come defaulted with settings designed for that age group, but can be easily and quickly customized.

Apps & platforms.

Circle also allows you to easily filter popular Apps and Platforms. Each filter level defaults to the most popular ones for that age group.

Circle — Filter apps and platforms

A web for each age.

Circle takes a massive database of websites and fits them into easy-to-understand categories. Feel free to customize filter levels to meet each kid’s needs.

Circle — A web for each age

Kid Safe.

For the stuff that your kids should never see like mature and explicit content, Circle has you covered. When a profile is set to anything but "Adult", the bad stuff doesn't even show up as an option to enable and is handily filtered by Circle.

Kid safe with Circle

Internet à la carte.

Want to go further? Circle allows you to set custom filters for individual sites. You can either add it to the filter list, or allow it even when the category is turned off.

Customer filter with Circle

Block ads.

Yes, Circle can block ads. Want to never see an ad again, enable Ad Blocking in your filter settings and Circle will block almost any ad from ever making it onto any of your devices.

Block ads with Circle

A safer kind of search.

Circle can default safe search on Google, filtering out inappropriate sites and images from search results.

Circle — A safer kind of search

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