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BedTime — Circle with Disney

Set a BedTime

With Circle’s BedTime feature, no more asking every night for kids to get off their devices. When BedTime kicks in devices say goodnight all on their own.

BedTime with Circle — Set it and forget it

Set it and forget it.

Set a BedTime for each member of your family, causing the devices that belong to that family member to temporarily disconnect from the Internet.

Different kids, different BedTime.

Each kid in your home, even the parents too, can have a different BedTime.

Circle — Different kids, different BedTime

Give a little reminder.

When the kids try and surf on the web during BedTime, they are redirected to their MyCircle page and reminded gently to go to bed :)

BedTime reminder with Circle

Rise and shine, devices.

Devices reconnect to the Internet in the morning at the preset “awake” time.

Circle — Rise and shine, devices

Get Circle today. What are you waiting for :)

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