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Circle app

So what is Circle?

Managing your family's connected devices is pretty much impossible, but not any more with Circle. A cinch to set up, Circle pairs with your home Wi-Fi and lets you manage every device on your network, both wireless and wired, without ever needing to put software on them.

What is Circle? What is Circle?
Set time limits and filters for apps and websites Set time limits and filters for apps and websites

Managing screen time and content has never been easier.

Every kid is different, so why shouldn't their connected experience reflect that? With Circle you can set Time Limits for apps and web sites, finally getting screen time in check. You can also set up age appropriate filters that apply to all their devices. And you can even give rewards to your kid when they’ve been good.

Learn more about Time Limits, Filter and Rewards

Give your kid a break from their devices.

Kids getting to bed on time or getting outside to play is tough when an iPad is calling their name. Circle lets you set up a BedTime for weekdays and weekends and OffTime for those moments during any day. You also get a Pause button for the Internet, how cool is that?!

Learn more about BedTime, Pause and OffTime

Manage all your devices and stay in the know Manage all your devices and stay in the know

Be in the know with every device in your home

There are all kinds of devices in our homes; Tablets, smartphones, laptops, TVs and more. Circle is your simple solution to manage them all, stay in the know with what your kids are up to, and find some balance at home.

Learn more about Insights and Devices

Circle is easy to setup on your home network.

5 minute set up, no joke!

There's nothing worse than getting a new gadget and having it take all day to configure and even more time to manage. Circle was designed with busy parents in mind to be super simple to set up, and even easier to manage. Geek cred not required.

Learn about the Tech Specs

Get a Circle today.

What are you waiting for?

Buy Circle

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What is Circle?
Circle Go

Manage your family's devices across all networks.

Circle Go is a subscription that takes all of the settings your kids' device have at home with Circle and extends them to 4G LTE and any other Wi-Fi network they join.

Learn more about Circle Go

Circle Go

Kids can get in on the action too!

Download the MyCircle™ app on your kids' devices for their own personalized Circle dashboard and access to Disney videos, blogs, and games and more!

Learn more about MyCircle™